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IN Conversation with Boa 

Words: Gina Bonnar | 27 May 2020

First up on our interview series in Manchester Based MC BOA. Shes one of our regular hosts for Lucid Juice Shows as well as other manchester nights such as Below the Belt, Union Sound and The Wasted Collective. We talk about her lockdown plans, Herchester and her advice to young women that want to start being involved in music. 

Hey Jane, for those who may not know, describe to us a bit about who you are and what you do. 

I'm an MC, I write lyrics, I like music a lot. :) 


How is lockdown going for you? Is there anything you have particularly been up to? 

It's great, I'm blessed. A lot of gigs and festivals have been canceled so I've been working on making music mostly, loads of different stuff with Alto Sounds. So when all that comes out it will be a bit of fun aye.  

Can you tell us a bit about how you got into MCing? 

Its expression to be honest, don't think I'll ever describe everything in my head but it keeps me busy. I started showing people poems and spoken word and they encouraged me to continue. I'll go to festivals and gigs and get pushed on stage by em and I started enjoying it. I went to the Contact Theatre and started open mics, and Union Sound was stacking up the system boxes in warehouses and passing me the mic. If we had a mic sometimes I'd have to shout over the rig... I kept at it every day and still do, people I'm around are quality no lie.  

BOA lucid juice manchester event

We know you have a  project going called HERchester, big ups on that we are loving it! Tell us a bit about HERchester and what it involves.


Yes Herchester is about a year old now, it’s a collective of Female, Trans, and Non- Binary Artists based in Manchester. It’s an open collective for anyone to join supported by Reform Radio and One Da. Herchester has currently launched a Freestyle Challenge on Instagram which taken the interest of Annie Mac, ambassador of Reform Radio. I performed with Herchester a few times last year, Including headlining MIF festival with the Mouse Outfit, One Da, and Queen Tamika.  

What would you say has been your favorite gig to date and why? (bar lucid juice obviously 😉 ) 

It is Lucid Juice tho Mr.K headlining was an absolute pleasure to host. Nicely done there... Other than that Cimm's album launch and Moovin Festival last year with Waxi & Contra I'm in a collective called Wob Deep. Jus cos the weather was bloody perfect and Waxi was playing wobblers in this chill-out tent on a hill. Many others too like Mensai, Below the Belt and Union Sound nights. 


As well as being a don in the MC department, you also dabble in DJing as well. How is this going, can we see you doing more DJ sets in the future? 

Yeah, course I proper love it, just need to practice more. Vocally is more of my focus at the minute while I save up a few for equipment, kind people allow me to spin some on their decks. Thank you to them people (Union Sound System, Bloc2Bloc Radio & Reform Radio) 


There is a lot of inspiring females in the music industry, is there anyone that particularly stands out and inspires you? 

Renee Stormz astounds me, not only is she tactical and articulate but she has a powerful soul and makes incredible music. I'll shout her name all day long mate. Go and listen to her!

Lucid Juice Manchester boa bass events

Obviously, dubstep and grime are male-dominated and we females can't escape it. Do you still feel girls are treated differently within the scene, and it can hinder girls wanting to be involved? 

Yeah men and treated differently to women anyways, just the way it is. I've had any gender be supportive or throw bitta shade. Although I think if anything being a woman makes you stand out more, cause there's not as many. IDGAF what gender you are as long as you don’t come at me with shit, just be humble, and crack on with what you wanna do. And supporting each other is key. 


have you got any personal and/or musical goals for 2020? (despite the certain circumstances) 

Yes music coming, all sorts, and who is to know what the fuck else will happen. Making art and being around incredible people suites me just fine. 


And finally, what advice would you give young women MCs and DJs that are just starting?  

I'd say find your favorite thing about yourself and show that part of you in your creation. Youre gonna transform either way so no point in stressing about it. Then things just naturally fall into place, just stay geniune and authentic every time. And do it cause you love it. 

you can find our girl BOA here:



check out HERchester and WOBDEEP! 





And make sure to tune into the WOB DEEP monthly Thursday radio show on Reform radio <3 big love to our gal!

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