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#LetUsDance - What you can do to help

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

As we know, the government is doing everything in its power to not support the Nightlife industries. The corrupt and non-effective curfew is threatening the survival of our clubs, bars and restaurants and as we enter October the furlough scheme is finishing, meaning employees are being made redundant into the start of a recession.

The Nightlife, clubbing and events industry is the 5th biggest industry in the UK, contributing to 8% of jobs and bringing in £66 billion a year, yet independent music venues are being forced to close due to the lack of care for creatives that have been hugely influential in our culture. Individuals are being hung out to dry in a quest to "save the economy" - whilst letting an industry that contributes heavily towards it die.

Ultimately, us in this industry feel abandoned by the government. They do not care about Musicians, Djs, Bar Staff, Sound technicians, Event managers, and creatives in general. Efforts have gone into organising safe, social-distancing events and adapting to the "new normal" taken away swiftly as new regulations are put in place weekly. It feels unfair and unjust. Without this industry it is all work and no play, and it seems the governments policies on live music and curfews is very dystopian and inhumane. We must do something about this or the industry will collapse.

We have put together a few sources for you to look at and see how you can do your bit to help. Whether it is to sign a petition, email your MP or to attend a protest, we must stand together in these challenging times in a hope to come back stronger.


Give further financial support to the Events & Hospitality Sector

Let Us Dance - Support nightclubs, dance music events and festivals


A campaign by hospitality professionals in the UK, calling for a review of the 10PM curfew that’s crippling our venues, our jobs and our economy.

Save Our Scene UK

A Facebook Group recently organised to promote discussion, arrange protests, sign petitions and support each other within the industry.

Save Our Scene Manchester & Salford

Helping to save the amazing underground music scene in Manchester & Salford. Currently offering Applications for an innovation bursary which is open to anyone within the area to apply to with the intention to submit ideas and initiatives/projects that will have a long lasting affect on a more open, inclusive and accessible music scene. Keep an eye on their page for updates.


#WeMakeEvents was originally launched by PLASA in April 2020 as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on their membership and wider supply chain to events.The Campaign grew to include over 21 industry bodies along with many companies and professionals in the UK. This lead to the original ‘Red Alert – throw us a line’ day of Action on 11th August 2020 across the UK. The success of this initial activity has led to a global movement, coming together in a spirit of mutual support and solidarity.

WRITE TO YOUR MP Writing an email to your MP can be very beneficial in creating change and prompting them to speak up in parliament about this issue. Make it personal and detail your circumstances if you feel the need to! Click here to access a link that gives you support on how to approach this and finding your local MP


It is essential that you show your support to local independent businesses in this time of uncertainty. Eat at your favourite local restaurants, drink at your favourite local bars and support event companies in a way that you can. Here are some local favourites of ours:

Hope Works Sheffield

Hope Works is an independent events space, art and creative community hub. Set up by Mixed In Sheffield, it is an organisation dedicated to music/art of the people of Sheffield. Hope Works is struggling through the last six months of closure and uncertainty we have reached a point where this is truly a battle for survival.

You can donate to their crowdfunder here. They have put together a variety of Levels (1-9) which contain rewards and goodies to give back to you for your support, so you can get some really cool prizes! They have also curated some special social distanced events with amazing lineups such as Sherelle, Lone, 96 back & Charla Green. Check out the events they have on offer here. Hit & Run / Ghost of Garage MCR

Both Hit & Run and Ghost of Garage are popular club nights based up in Manchester, Hit & Run focusing on Bass heavy music such as Drum & Bass, Dubstep & Jungle and Ghost of Garage focusing on (surprisingly) Garage! Both have worked tirelessly to adapt to the new regulations and arranged socially distanced which have been sadly been postponed due to council restrictions. They have some Amazing artists lined up for it including Pola & Bryson, Iration Steppas, Youngsta, DJ Q & Dr Banana. They will be announcing the new event date in the coming weeks - so Check them out here & here!

The Old Abbey Taphouse - Hulme, Manchester

The Old Abbey Taphouse is a hub and event space that provides food, local ale, recording studios and rehearsal rooms. They have been struggling since the start of the pandemic but been doing some amazing community work including delivering free hot dinners to vulnerable members of the community, giving space to the community to organise fundraisers & discussing local needs, and providing socially distanced open mics & Dj nights.

You can check our what they are doing here.

Animal Crossing MCR

Animal Crossing is a Techno and House Events company based in Manchester that have also been doing their bit during the pandemic to ensure live music can still be played and unique parties can be successful. They have adapted by doing rooftop parties & hosting at exciting new venues. Despite their efforts to keep the music playing, government regulations mean that this has been put on hold once again. Give their page a follow here, check out the events that have been postponed and look at their recent posts to enter a competition they have put up.

If anyone has anymore sources they would like to add to this list let us know and we will add them on! xxx

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